Official Board – Chair: David Rooke

The Official Board is made up of all the chairs of each committee seen below plus all committee members of the Session & Stewards. The Official Board’s responsibility is to oversee the other committees, the congregation, and the church.

Ministry & Personnel (M&P) – Chair: Lynn Wheeler

The M&P Committee is a liaison between the congregation and church personnel. It serves as a confidential, counselling body that works closely with the pastoral personnel.

Session – Chair: Suzanne Langsford

The Session is responsible for the holy guidance of the congregation, including worship, pastoral care, and outreach.

Stewards – Co-Chairs: Brian Rintoul & Brenda Tibbutt

The Stewards are responsible for the time-based matters of the congregation, such as the financial recording, property and building maintenance. 

Trustees – Chair: Verna Mann-Renaud

The Trustees are responsible for the major capital items of the church. Such things include mortgages, investments, insurance, major expansions of building and/or property.