United Church Women (UCW)

First Tuesday of Each Month

Pot Luck Lunch and meeting in

the church hall.

In 1897, the Women’s Association became the Ladies’ Aid and then in 1962 it changed to the United Church Women (UCW).

The primary meeting for Westbrook United Church was held at the home of Rose Mack on January 2, 1962. Over the past fifty five plus years, the Westbrook United Church Women has been a valuable part of the church.

In November 1963, the UCW held its first Bazaar in the church sanctuary. The tables were created by placing planks across the pews. Over the years since, they have attended several bazaars in various locations, which include Simpson-Sears, Zellers, and the Frontenac Mall. The main one, which still remains today, is the Christmas Bazaar held in November each year in the Church Hall.

Also during 1963, the UCW was asked to cater for the 50th Anniversary of Mr. & Mrs. Ernie Sproule. One hundred guests attended this special occasion and the UCW received a sum of $30.00. That was considered a very substantial amount back then.


In 1965, the UCW hosted a bean supper which cost $0.75 per person. There were two sittings and they profited $103.28. There was talk during the same year of the UCW catering to a Father/Son dinner, if turkey was to be served if would cost $1.25 per person.


Over the years, the UCW has had the opportunity of hosting some very interesting guest speakers to their monthly meetings.

One of the longest members of the Westbrook United Church Women, if not the longest, is Rose Mack. In 1963, she was apparently a “president in training”. With 50 plus years under her belt, she is still going strong as the president of the UCW. Whenever there are dinners, strawberry socials, or catering to be prepared for, Rose can tell you exactly what is required for everything from the amount of meat, to the number of potatoes, to how many strawberries to the number of loaves of bread for sandwiches. To say the least, Rose is a great leader to her number of assisting followers.

The Westbrook United Church Women have been kept very busy over the years of their existence. They have held or help with Bake Sales, Yard Sales, Dinners, Evenings of Music, Euchres, Bazaars, Delivering Food Baskets, and Catering for Weddings, Funerals and the list goes on.

In a time when many United Church Women groups are disbanding, we are very fortunate to have such a devoted group of women. The number of members may be relatively small but the hearts of all are enormously large. The women meet monthly to plan fundraising events, discuss church work, enjoy good food and most of all good friends and meaningful devotion.

UCW Cake